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Working with Vellum by Ann Martin

Working with Vellum
Ann Martin

Who hasn't been tempted to use the beautiful array of solid and printed vellum papers on the market? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when working with vellum, as it requires a bit of special handling. Because of its lovely translucent, but slightly stiff nature, finding the best way can be tricky.

When using vellum as a background paper, there are a variety of products available to adhere it to your card or mat. Denise reports that the Xyron machine which applies adhesive to one side of the paper turning it into a sticker, works quite well. There are several varieties of vellum spray adhesives on the market that are formulated to adhere it to cardstock, printed papers, or other vellum. These have the feature of being temporarily re-positionable. It is a matter of trial and error to see which product works best with your particular vellum as the papers come in a variety of weights.

Using standard double stick tape only results in it showing clearly through the vellum. There are also mounting squares and special tape made for use with vellum. It's best to place a mounting square or a tiny piece of the special tape on the card (not the vellum!) where you intend to place your attachments. Rub the back of the tape so the glue attaches to the card. Its backing comes off easily and then you gently press the vellum layer into place. When gluing your pre-assembled quilled flowers or leaves on a vellum background, use the tiniest amount of glue possible or the background could develop a wavy or even puckered appearance as the glue dries. It might be better to use a bit of double stick tape in this situation. Keep in mind that no matter which adhesive method you use, it is always best to practice with small scraps first and apply as little pressure as possible. Luckily there.s also a vast array of colorful eyelets and brads available . they are a clever way to sidestep the adhesive issue!

With computer fonts, a printer, and clear embossing powder you can achieve a very professional look on your vellum cards. Sprinkle the ink with powder the moment the sheet emerges from the printer. Shake off the excess and use a heat gun to raise the lettering. This takes a bit of practice to avoid overheating, which can cause the powder to turn white and the vellum to buckle. Another trick to create an interesting look is to tear and chalk the edges of a vellum sheet when using it for a layered effect.

Reprinted from July 2005 Custom Quilling Newsletter

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This article was published on Thursday 15 October, 2009.
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