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What Are Paper Punch Flowers? by Ezinearticles

Are you someone who's always on the lookout for unique and interesting ways to decorate greeting cards? If so then learning the art of creating Paper Punch Flowers may just be what you've been searching for.

If you've been paper crafting for a while then it's likely you've accumulated a few paper punches amongst your collection of tools. But do you know how to transform those flat pieces of paper punch-out shapes into intricate, three-dimensional flowers that can be used to create beautiful floral decorations for greeting cards and home decor?

With a few inexpensive tools, the right punch shapes and some easily learnt techniques those small paper shapes can be molded and assembled into stunning three-dimensional paper flowers. Hence was born the name Paper Punch Flowers.

Paper Punch Flowers can be use as a stand alone flower or grouped together as borders or in bouquets to decorate handmade greeting cards, framed artwork for your wall, or home decor projects. Some of the low profile flowers like daisies can be used in scrapbook projects but generally the height of the 3 dimensional flowers would cause them to get damaged when folded up in an album.

The paper flowers are made by taking one or more of the paper punch-outs and by using various molding, shaping, cutting, twisting and gluing techniques each piece is shaped so that when the layers are assembled a three-dimensional flower is created.

Punch shape combinations can also be layered in decreasing sizes starting with a larger punch shape at the base of the flower and assembling to end with a smaller punch shape often resembling the stamen of the flower. This ever decreasing layering effect is what you see in nature, and so paper punch flowers can resemble life-like flowers.

Flowers can be created by using just one punch shape or multiple shapes and sizes which when used together create even more intricate and stunning life-like paper flowers.

One of the great things about the techniques used in making a Paper Punch Flower is that a single punch shape can be used to make up many different flowers this is great news for the economically minded crafter. When you combine paper colors and color combinations, molding and shaping techniques plus the addition of embellishments and sparkle, you can potentially make hundreds of different flowers from a single punch shape - a shape that you may already have sitting in your cupboard!

So when you begin making Paper Punch Flower you don't need to go out and buy all the punch shapes you can find, just 1 well chosen shape like a daisy, rose or sun shape will do to get you started. But if you want to create seriously stunning floral bouquets, then I would suggest investing in around 4 to 6 floral punch shapes of several size combinations together with a complementary leaf punch shape.

Trudy Pfeiffer

This article was published on Tuesday 27 August, 2013.
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