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Tips on Teaching a Quilling Class by Denise G Cameron

Tips on Teaching a Quilling Class
Denise G Cameron

I first began to quilling in 1975 and starting to instruct soon afterward. Here are a few tips I have used over the years.

Preparing for the class
  1. For each student attending the class have a page protector in which you have placed a basic shape chart (this can be downloaded from Custom Quilling, please leave copyright intact), paper ruler, tooth picks (flat for glue, round if using for quilling), hat pin (inexpensive quilling tool), bottle cap (any type to hold the glue), class pattern, and any supplies you are providing.
  2. It is also a good idea to add a business card (or some means of contacting you), class schedule, and a review form. This can be any information you would like from your students on your class. I.E. Can they understand/follow your instructions? What techniques or projects would they like to learn? Keep the form simple or it will not be filled out.
  3. Have a sign in sheet for the new students where they can fill in their name, address, email, phone, and if they would like to be contacted for future classes. This is the key for building client/student base. Also bring it to any sales or demos you attend.
  4. Keep a design notebook of all the classes you have taught or project you have done. Make sure to keep it up to date with pictures or the actual projects. Display it during class.
  5. Have some type of non-messy snack... M &M’s, Skiddles, or any type of finger food. This tends to relax and give a homey feel to your class.
  6. Finish your project for the next class. 

Preparing the classroom
  1. I have always preferred to have one double wide table with students on each side and to instruct from the head of the table. Make sure to give each student ample room to spread out and yourself room to walk around the whole table.
  2. Arrive in plenty of time before the students with the table “set” with the packets, snack, design notebook and anything else need for that class. Many students do not like waiting on the instructor. If there is a door to the classroom leave it open, it may pique the interest of passers by.
Teaching the class
  1. For each class I would start off by offering a tip, I found overtime repeat students look forward to this.
  2. Keep the students on task but remember that everyone works at a different pace. Try not to hold a more advanced student back or push a slower student. It may mean repeating the steps a few times during the class but your students will appreciate the added time you have taken.
  3. Make sure everyone is having fun, many times first time students tend to be very tense. Try to keep them as relaxed as possible.
Completion of the class
  1. Tell the students that they may contact you at any time with any problems they are having with the class project.
  2. Have them fill out the review form if they wish and ask if anyone has any comments.
  3. Show your proposed project for the next class. Class wrap up Review the forms students filled out.
  4. Enter new students into your database.
  5. Re-order any supplies needed for the next class.
  6. Send out a reminder of your next scheduled class.

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This article was published on Thursday 15 October, 2009.
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