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Moravian German Paper Star

Here are the wider width strips used to make the popular Moravian (German) Paper Stars
Provided by Wikipedia: "There are many forms of Moravian stars, but the most commonly seen and most widely available is the 26-point form, composed of eighteen square and eight triangular cone shaped points. This shape is technically known as a Great Stellated Rhombicuboctahedron. Each face of the geometric solid in the middle, the Rhombicuboctahedron, serves as the base for the "stellations" or starburst points. No matter how many points a star has, a Moravian star has a regular shape, based on polyhedrons. There are Moravian stars with 20, 26, 32, 50, 64 and 110 points that are commonly hand-made in the Moravian schools. The variety comes from the division of the bases of the points---using an octagonal face instead of a square face, etc. For example, the common 26-point Moravian Star becomes a 50-point Star when the squares and triangles that normally make up the faces of the polyhedron become octagons and hexagons. This leaves a 4-sided trapezoidal-shaped hole in the corners of the faces. This is filled with an irregular four sided point. These 4-sided points form a "starburst" in the middle of what looks like a regular 26-point star."


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White Pearl 1 3871

White Pearl 1 3871

Quantity: 2Model: 3871Manufacturer: Paplin Paper

Solid pearl color through out 50 quilling strips 1 x 24


White Snow Pearl 5/8 2660

White Snow Pearl 5/8 2660

Quantity: 1Model: PP2660Manufacturer: Paplin Paper

Solid pearl color through out50 Quilling Strips 5/8 x 24


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