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A Fun Way to Sell Your Art by Denise G Cameron

For years a group of friends and I would rent a local clubhouse to hold an annual boutique. While it was not always easy getting twenty women to agree, we managed to turn our little show into a very profitable venture. Starting when many of our children were still in playpens, we ran this yearly boutique until these same children had graduated college; some even had children of their own. The number of days and hours of the boutique expanded each year as the popularity grew. As the years past we added vendors from across the states and beyond. The work involved in this endeavor was significant; each member was required to oversee a portion of the running of the boutique. In addition to the very long hours setting up, sale days, knocking-down, and shipping back unsold items. We began each year in January to hold the boutique mid October, finishing up the final bookwork the end of November. Would I do it again, in a heart beat! As a quilling artist in the mid 1980’s quilling was an art form very few had ever seen. I was able to get exposure for myself and quilling.

It has been a few years since we disbanded, but while moving some files yesterday this picture slipped out and began the idea of this article.


It is from one of the very first boutiques we held. By the last day, these boards would be bare and I would have a book filled with orders. We did our sale on a large level, but the same concept could be used for a smaller group held in a home. One thing we learned was to keep the art forms diversified, this enabled customers a wider selection of items. Plus better sales for those involved. Why not give it a try? Get a few of you talented friends together for a sale. Hold it on a weekend, send out invitation, serve a few nibbles (careful they aren’t too messy), and have fun meeting people.

This article was published on Tuesday 20 October, 2009.
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